From my Czech origins, I kept the taste of simple things: the pleasure of a coffee in a small Parisian bistrot, a stroll in the Luxembourg Garden, a picnic by the river Seine...
I love walking along the streets of Paris and get inspired by the atmospheres of old districts.
I have been a professional photographer for 6 years, but taking pictures since I was about 11.
I found in my parents' house an old camera that my father had practically never used; this is when I took my first pictures, and I never stopped. I was photographing my friends, landscapes, my cats .... I found these photos great  and now when I see them again, I realize that the eyes of a naive child, have nothing to do with an adult's realistic point of view, even if I find my childhood photos of very poor quality, I feel a lot of nostalgia looking at them. 
Life has continued and at age 20 I finished my studies and found myself unemployed. I then did odd jobs at the factory, but still went on making pictures for my pleasure.
At age 29 I decided to become a photographer.
I joined a photographer school in Paris, and after two years of intensive study I received the 5th prize in my class with honors and then my career was launched.
And here I am with you, with the aim to share with you my vision of others, life, landscapes that cross my lens.