We guarantee that any personal data obtained from our visitors or customers will remain confidential.

Temporary character of data obtained on the website
To deal with your order, we have to know and memorize certain parameters with are given to us by your computer: who you are, what articles you are currently looking at or buying, etc. Cookies are small programs used only to memorize while you are here your identity (which we recognize thanks to your login and password) and the contents of your cart while you are filling it up. Once you are done with shopping, this information will be automatically erased, our cookies are temporary ones, no worries!

Protection of personal data
As an online selling venue, we have to collect a certain amount of information necessary to deal with your order. This information will be dealt with in a confidential way, and will be kept internal to Photographie-Art.com.

Respect of French laws.
We abide by the "Computer and Freedom" from January 6th, 1978, which means that you have the right to access, modify, and delete data concerning you. You can use this right by sending us a postal or electronic letter.